This beautiful cotton blend textile is the second adaptation of the original acrylic piece "Mystical Rose"

Mac was introduced to the manufacturer by friend and fellow artist, WaOne from Ukraine. And after a lengthy collaborative process, a big "Thank You" goes out to Woolkrafts in Kyiv for the patience and the on-point execution of this elegant image woven into a cozy throw blanket.


Artist’s statement:“The rose, symbolic of love and beauty, as well as the transience of life and the material world, has long been considered the 'queen of flowers'. 'Mystical Rose' is also a poetic title for the Blessed Mother. Painting this image earlier this year was an expression of love and gratitude, and a way of processing the passing of my own beloved mother, who helped shape my approach to life, love and beauty.In a 1964 interview the legendary jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams said "I am praying through my fingers when I play…I get that good 'soul sound', and I try to touch people's spirits." I was instilled with a similar understanding, because art-making can sometimes be a form of prayer—a meditative, devotional practice of creation and connection, where if the work is soulful at all it might touch some spirits. I hope that this simple image might also touch some spirits.”El Mac